DNA Essence
DNA essence


Dr. Johannes Kabisch

CEO and R&D

Dr. Kabisch holds degrees in microbial physiology and molecular biotechnology. He is head of a research group that develops microbial platforms for the renewable production of fuels and fine chemicals. His expertise in genomics, bioinformatics, molecular and synthetic biology are at the core behind the technology and products of DNA Essence.

Dr. Gunter Festel
Strategy, finance and business development

Dr. Festel has various university degrees in natural & social sciences including a PhD in chemistry and a PhD in economics. After a professional career with Bayer, Arthur D. Little and McKinsey he founded his own investment company FESTEL CAPITAL and has (co-) founded 10 biotechnology companies.

Dr. Matthias Stolmár
Intellectual property management

Dr. Stolmár studied chemistry and received his PhD at the University of Lausanne. He has been practicing IP law since 1996 for Robert Bosch as well as in private practice giving advice to major big companies as well as start-ups. He focuses on prosecution and litigation of patents in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy, biotech and materials sciences.


Dr. Hongchuan Xin
Representative for Greater China

Dr. Xin holds a PhD in physical chemistry at Chinese Academy of Sciences. He focuses on R&D in the fields of catalysis, bioenergy and biochemicals, and international technology transfer and collaboration.


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